Fires of Shadowforge

The Renaissance of a Kingdom

After a dark magic experiment went terribly wrong, the entire kingdom of the Shadowforge Dwarves became suspended in a deep slumber. Now, however, they have reawakened and are searching for the lost ruler of their once glorious kingdom. Banded together in a great alliance, they stand ready to face a new evil: Maderoth.

Join them and take up arms against evil to reunite the Kingdom of the Shadowforge Dwarves.

New Playable Race

With Chapter V, a new playable race will be available in Runes of Magic. The Shadowforge Dwarves are now the third race, along with the Humans and Elves, that players can control. Create a new hero and re-experience the saga of Runes of Magic from a fresh perspective.

Shadowforge Dwarves

A dormant race has reawakened. Frozen in time for thousands of years, separated from the world in suspended animation, the Shadowforge Dwarves stir once again. From the depths of their caverns, they are eager to reunite their kingdom, thus fortifying their place in the history of Taborea. They jealously guard their spiritual powers and forge themselves unparalleled weapons and armour.

Two New Classes

Two new classes will be available exclusively for the Shadowforge Dwarves, offering two new opportunities to experience the adventure in Runes of Magic.

The Warlock

The ability to control and channel psychic forces makes Warlocks dangerous opponents. Psychic powers and dark elemental attacks from afar are their specialties. With enough channelled energy, they can invoke powerful curses, crippling foes and bolstering allies.

The Champion

Unrivalled in melee combat, these mighty warriors unleash dark magic upon their foes. When they find themselves in danger, Champions are able to transform into Runic Robots, impenetrable war machines fuelled by the power of runes.


Face the challenges and experience the breathtaking landscapes of Chapter V’s two new regions, which can be explored individually or with fellow adventurers.

Kingdom of Rorazan (from Level 70)

This scorched land was once ruled by the King of the Fires before his imprisonment. However, Maderoth has since freed him, destroying the Throne of Embers and unleashing a conflagration across the land. The creatures here have adapted to withstand this seething inferno - will you be able to do the same?

Chrysalia (from level 72)

A region torn asunder by the ravages of war. The tribes that call this land home have taken up arms against one another, and you’ll get caught up in the crossfire! Your journey begins at the last bastion of King Kalume and his alliance and continues deep into the heart of Chrysalia, following closely in Maderoth’s wake. 

Merdhin Tundra (from level 75)

Where rune magic once flourished, the cruelty of nature and the bleak wrath of war now reign supreme. Pure hate permeates the dense woodlands, and as the Myrmex advance into the frosty heights, Maderoth’s factories of evil drown out even the bloodthirsty battle cries of the tundra’s warriors. Inhabited by eternal souls and protected by a weakening alliance, it seems the Merdhin Tundra can now only be saved by an outsider. Will you rise to the challenge?

Starting Area

With the introduction of the Shadowforge Dwarves in Chapter V, a new starting area is also available. As a Dwarf freshly awakened from a long slumber, go forth and explore your kingdom.

Taffrock (from Level 1)

The capitol city of the Shadowforge Dwarves, this subterranean kingdom is where your adventure will begin should you choose to play as the new race. It is a city divided into several districts, including a great mine, where important raw materials, the backbone of the Dwarven industries, are being harvested. Caution must be exercised here, for who knows what dangers may lie lurking in the city’s unexplored and forgotten halls…


Players starting as Shadowforge Dwarves will find their first adventure directly on their doorstep, in the starting area of Taffrock. For the more experienced players, however, a more challenging instance will provide a refreshing change of pace. 

Taffrock Outskirts (Levels 10 to 15)

In the southern part of Taffrock, players will find the first instance available to the Shadowforge Dwarves. Dwarven researchers are working tirelessly to free their kinsmen from their suspended animation. Your challenge is to provide any support necessary to help them succeed.

Aeternal Circle (Level 72)

Strong, pulsating energy gathers in the Aeternal Circle. Adventurers, factions, and mercenaries from across the world have journeyed here, seeking to control this power source. However, magical defensive shields and powerful guardians stand in their way. Find your way to the core of this energy and disable the barriers. Doing so, however, will not be without its challenges…

Kulech Bones Nest Instance (Level 75)

The walls of this enormous nest were built from the exoskeletons of dead Kulech warriors, but on the inside, the nasty invertebrates are alive and well. Formidable insectoid hunters prowl the intricate passageways in search of their next victim, and the spectacular dripstone formations have stood silent witness to many an adventurer’s untimely death. One false move in this dark labyrinth and it will all be over before you’ve even had a chance to enter the horrid queen’s incubation chamber.

Castle of Bedim (level 77)

One thousand years ago, the Kladoren assailed the Castle of Bedim and defeated King Dayson and his followers. At the last second, the monsters were sealed within the castle by a barrier, but this barrier now weakens and the menace inside could be unleashed at any moment. Hurry! Storm the castle and free it from the Kladoren, Myloden, and the three bosses before the barrier is destroyed completely!