King Kalume’s Legacy

The continent of Zandorya is mired in discord and intrigue. King Kalume fears for his throne, and the Angren, the Shador and the Jyr’na Elves of the Janost Forest are threatened by a terrible tyranny. Help Kalume protect his throne from the dark forces and reunite his principalities.

Discover New Features

Relationship System

Chapter III brings group buffs. Befriend up to 20 players and/or join someone in marriage. 

Two-Player Mounts

Fancy speeding across Taborea upon a mount made for two? New mounts allow you and a friend to travel in style.

Tutor System

You’re level 30 or above and like helping others out? Then get a Teaching Certificate from Trainer Lehman in Varanas. You will receive Spirit Points for your efforts, which raise your attributes.

Improve Attributes Using Monster Cards

Raise your attributes with upgrades from Monster Cards. Around 800 cards are waiting to be found and added to your compendium.

Expanded Skill System

Collect pieces of armour to make up a complete set, and then show it to Tatsy Turnbull in Dalanis. She will reward you with a special skill which you can activate in the Item-Set Skills interface. You can collect a maximum of five such skills. 

Pet System

The new Pet System has over 100 pets on offer. They help you in battle, with crafting, and raise your attributes. 

Expansion to the Housekeeper System

Chapter III is seething with danger. Luckily you can get support from up to six Housekeepers, who will provide you with food, potions and buffs. 

Newbie Pet

The first step on your adventure can be the hardest, ever more so since the latest expansion. So why not have a companion to help you along the way? The Newbie Pet will help you level your way up to 30, provide you with useful items, and will also heal you in battle.

Diamond Merchants

Since the introduction of Chapter III, you can exchange Gold for Diamonds, and vice versa, in the Central Plaza of Varanas by visiting:

  • Cedric: gives you Gold in exchange for Diamonds, or
  • Agnes: gives you Diamonds in exchange for Gold



Four new zones

Thunderhoof Hills (from level 55)

Experience the verdant Thunderhoof Hills and marvel at the Valley of Glory, where the legendary King Kalume once defeated the demons and left behind colossal statues of him and his compatriots as a reminder of their efforts. However, all is not well. For some time now, an ominous threat has been lurking in wait...

Southern Janost Forest (from level 57)

Once the stench of the swamps hits your nose, you know you’ve arrived in the Southern Janost Forest, home to the tyrannical Baron Reuen von Jura. The evil lord of Warnorken Castle has enslaved the forest peoples of Shador – help free them from the clutches of Jura.

Northern Janost Forest (from level 58)

To enter the Northern Janost Forest, you must cross the firing line of two races who are sworn enemies: the Angren animal folk and the Jyr’na Elves. And as if that weren’t enough, half-breed dragons are also threatening the mystical forest. Can you withstand the peril?

Limo Desert (from level 60)

Give yourself over to treasure-hunting fever in the burning sands of Limo. But be warned, impressive foes keep a wary eye on the many treasures of the desert.

Four Added Instances

Dungeon of Dalanis

Zone: Thunderhoof Hills
Level: 57
Players: 6
Difficulty Levels: easy, normal

Put an end to the gruesome experiments in Maxim Erekat III’s laboratory. First eliminate four of his grotesque creatures and then come face-to-face with Erekat III himself.

The Warnorken Arena

Zone: Southern Janost Forest
Level: 58
Players: 6
Difficulty Levels: easy, normal

Baron Reuen von Jura awaits brave visitors to the Warnorken Arena. He will bombard you with fearsome gladiators before finally stepping into the ring himself. Find yourself an experienced group; you’ll need it if you want to walk away from this battle alive...

Raksha Temple

Zone: Northern Janost Forest
Level: 60
Players: 6
Difficulty Levels: easy, normal

All those who dare defile the Raksha Temple must hold their own against seven guardians and priests who are known to kill in cold blood. They relentlessly chase the indigenous Angren who built the temple in ages past. Help the animal people liberate the temple!

Kawak’s Tomb

Zone: Limo Desert
Level: 62
Players: 6
Difficulty Levels: easy, normal

Surrounded by his treasures and guarded by the Iron Teeth, Kawak Angerfang lies in wait in his mechanical death trap of a pyramid. Adventurers be warned: It will take more than just cunning to survive the fearsome guardians and the deadly architecture.

Countless New World Bosses

To survive the onslaught of world bosses in Chapter III’s 
instances, you will need to be at the peak of your abilities. 
Find out more about the two most powerful bosses.

World Boss Amboriar 

Zone: Southern Janost Forest

With the third expansion, a mechanical guardian has been called to the ranks of the world bosses. Do you want to get to know this heavyweight? Then travel to Alimus’ Tomb where Amboriar is waiting for the best of the best to challenge him...

  • Prove your prowess beforehand in the public encounter. Only when you reign victorious here will you be allowed to test your skills before the world boss himself. 

World Boss Sesphiroth

Zone: Ravenfell

Ravenfell has also been at the mercy of an evil presence since Chapter III. Band together with fellow-minded adventurers and seek out the Sandstone Messengers in Ravenfell or the Limo Desert.

  • Only once you have defeated them can you journey to Sandlord Sesphiroth and do what needs to be done – ashes to ashes, sand to sand.


Tyrefen Mountain Range (Domination)

Capture five crystals and defend against the opposing team on the 8 vs 8 Tyrefen Mountain Range battlefield. The first to gain 5,000 points will win 100 Honor Points.

New Public Encounters

Do you want to come to Zandorya’s aid? Then test your mettle in a public
encounter, such as one of the four below.

Life on Sley Farms

Zone: Northern Janost Forest
Level: 58
Stages: 4

Help the Sley farmers combat pests and other perils and Ancient Mementos shall be your reward...

Yasheedee Killing

Zone: Limo Desert
Level: 60
Stages: 4

Massive worm-like creatures pose a very real threat to the Limo Desert and will require you to join forces with like-minded heroes if you are to be victorious. Decide amongst yourselves who shall fight on the front line and who shall stand apart from the fray to direct.

Battle for Misty Grove

Zone: Southern Janost Forest
Levels: 57-58
Stages: 3

Militias from Kandor are on their way into a mighty battle to protect Misty Grove from the Rh’anka. Come to the aid of the militiamen by joining forces with 6 to 15 adventurers and defeating the Rh’anka. 

Ruins of Bymorsh

Zone: Southern Janost Forest
Level: 57-58
Stages: 3

Be the defender of science and progress by protecting the investigators in the Ruins of Bymorsh from flesh-eating plants.

Guild Castle Features

Chapter III saw an increase to the expansion possibilities of guild castles, which can now be upgraded and outer stones walls can be erected.
To obtain theresources required, you can take part in six new guild quests starting from guild level 11.

Guild Mini-Games

Spirit Warrior Trial

Duration: 15 minutes

Together with your guild, withstand wave after wave of monster onslaught and bring down the end boss. You will receive Honor Points as your reward, which you can exchange for valuable pieces of armour by visiting the Woram family in the Obsidian Stronghold.

Call of the Horns

Duration: 10 minutes

Round up your guild to take part in this exciting battle. First you must choose a faction, the good-natured Whitefurs or the malevolent Blackhorns. In order to win, protect your faction‘s battle flag from the opposing team at all costs.

Needle Drill

Duration: 3 minutes

Watch out for the razor-sharp needles that pierce through the ground – avoid a prickly end to win yourself some Honor Points.

First Aid Training

Duration: 3 minutes

From Level 7, there’s a whole new challenge that will put your healing powers to the test. Diagnose and heal as many patients as you can!

Rescue Trial

Duration: 3 minutes

If your guild is Level 8 or above, you can take part in a rescue trial. Try and deflect as much magical damage from the ‘volunteers’ as you possibly can.