The Elven Prophecy

Welcome to the Elven Empire

For a thousand years, the Elves have been sealing themselves away in their kingdom. But since the return of the pernicious Naga to Taborea, the Elves have decided to come back and fight for freedom. They have joined forces with all other peaceable races in Taborea to wage war against the gruesome snake creatures. Only by coming together will you have what it takes to succeed against the demons.

Are you prepared to join the fray?

New Race

The Elves

The second add-on opened the gates to the Elven empire. Immerse yourself in the tumultuous history of the Elves in exciting quest series, and experience one of the most multi-faceted races in Taborea. Make nature your greatest ally and become one of the new classes in Chapter II...

Two New Classes


Past experience has taught the Druids to concentrate on both healing and combat skills. It is for this reason that these healers can dish out more damage than other practitioners of the curative arts.


Wardens are closely connected to the nature spirits of Taborea and they know that they can rely on these spirits for support in perpetuity. But even if they did find themselves high and dry, as masters of close-combat they can certainly hold their own.

Four New Zones

Elven Island (From Level 1)

Only those who choose to be an Elf may set foot on the Elven Island. Prepare yourself for hard battles amongst the exquisite architecture and verdant landscape because getting through Chapter II requires a great deal of skill with weapons and magic.

Weeping Coast (From Level 50)

Nestled between swampland and towering snail-shell inspired buildings live the Tiktaalik, long since cut off from the rest of the world. Since Chapter II, a mighty gate has been protecting this reclusive race, but who are they trying to keep out?

Savage Lands (From Level 52)

The Naga and other races are destroying the peace in the rainforest. They are spilling into the secluded Elven settlements in order to regain their foothold in Taborea. Infiltrate them and try to put a stop to their evil doings, but be very careful; they destroy their adversaries without mercy.

Aotulia Volcano (From Level 53)

If the sky is blackened and the temperatures are enough to make your skin peel, then you’ve wandered into the fiery land of the Naga, where the most ferocious of their kind prowl the singed terrain. You must make your way through lava and deep ravines to have a chance at bringing down the Naga once and for all...

Heart of the Ocean

Zone: Weeping Coast
Level: 52
Players: 6
Difficulty levels: easy, normal

The gentle light and mesmerising jellyfish, rays and Ayams may entrance you, but don’t let yourself be distracted. This underwater instance requires your complete attention, with venomous tentacles and sharp-toothed creatures lurking about, not to forget the five bosses who will stop at nothing to destroy you.

The Origin

Zone: Aslan Valley
Level: 55
Players: 6
Difficulty levels: normal

The magic from the Elves who once inhabited this region is now very faint and it is now the dark side of nature that prevails here. Free the valley of mutated beetles, ravenous giant worms, elemental creatures and other diabolical presences.

Hall of Survivors

Zone: Savage Lands
Level: 55
Players: 12
Difficulty levels: easy, normal

Rise to the challenge and put an end to one of the greatest follies in the history of Taborea. Amongst lava-damaged ruins lurk seven gigantic man-made guardians which have evaded eradication. Destroy them and their leader, Andaphelmor, before it’s too late...

Cave of the Water Dragon

Zone: Howling Mountains
Level: 55
Players: 6
Difficulty levels: normal

There are demonic rumblings echoing through the tunnels of a cave, where worm creatures and elementals keep watch over the slumbering water dragon, Lytfir. With the arrival of Chapter II he has awoken and hungers for flesh. Quell the mighty beast and send it back to the netherworld.

Lair of the Demon Dragon

Zone: Aotulia Volcano
Level: 55
Players: 12
Difficulty levels: normal

The strongest dragon of them all is being held in captivity by the Naga, which they are planning to use to bring down Taborea once and for all. Remove the dragon from the clutches of the Naga and intervene in their evil scheme. If you manage this you will have the chance to battle with Gestero himself, but if you fail, the strength of the Naga will continue unabated.

Zurhidon Stronghold

Zone: Aotulia Volcano
Level: 55
Players: 12
Difficulty levels: normal

Sirloth has been using the Zurhidon to bolster his might and they carry out his evil plans and create bizarre creatures for his use. Challenge them to battle, bring down mighty creatures and call upon the Demon Lord. If you reach this far, there is only one confrontation to survive before you must face the Demon Lord – his fearsome envoys.

Hall of the Demon Lord

Zone: Aotulia Volcano
Level: 55
Players: 12
Difficulty levels: normal

Come to the Naga acropolis where Sirloth is preparing his troops for victory over Taborea. Destroy him and save Taborea. If you manage to survive the onslaught of four mighty bosses, you’ll come face-to-face with the Demon Lord himself.

Public Encounters

Varanas Nightmare

Zone: Varanas
Level: 62
Players: 30

Sirloth’s demons and other monstrous creatures are surging into the city. Close the gates and defeat three mighty bosses. If you succeed, Sirloth’s strongest minions will be set upon you and your fellow players. Bring them down and release Varanas from this nightmare.


Visdun Fortress

Mode: 3 v. 3

Two teams, five towers and a load of monsters. Bait your opponent with hordes of monsters and protect the fortress from him. Build a variety of towers, take down the enemy stronghold and you’ll be in line for some PvP points.

Siege Wars & Mini Games

Siege Wars

Chapter II brought you and your guild a new goal: Take down the castles of opposing guilds!

You can now use catapults, battering rams, ballistae and other siege weapons to break through the defences of the enemy castle. Then you storm through the throne room to grab the crystals and any other resources. You will receive bonuses, achievements and titles.

  • Be aware that the opposing guild will have the home advantage...

Course of Terror

Duration: 10 Minutes

Raise the curtains for Malatina. He opens his obstacle strewn field 45 times a day. Break through barricades, clowns, and other dangers using heavy artillery and battle savvy.