The World of Runes of Magic


Coast of Opportunity

Long ago, courageous adventurers set out to explore the uncharted coastal regions of Taborea. When they reached this terra incognita, stretching from the beach up into the icy mountain peaks, the promise of great opportunity enlivened the weary travellers. A bustling trade port soon developed here, attracting all walks of life.

Level Range: 1-42

Interesting Cities/Places:

  • Heffner Camp
  • Icefrost Camp
  • Basilisk Swamp


Divided by a murky forest harbouring zombie guardians and other uncanny creatures, Xaviera extends inland from the Coast of Opportunity. Small villages dot the landscape despite the severity of the terrain. Travellers to this region should seek out Robest, a paradisiacal oasis home to beautiful women and exquisite delicacies.

Level Range: 42-50

Interesting Cities/Places:

  • Jinners Camp
  • Static Lathrofea
  • Inferno Garden
  • Robest

Thunderhoof Hills

Encircled by a tremendous massif, the rain-soaked Thunderhoof Hills form a picturesque landscape. Along with scattered hamlets, travellers here will also find the Valley of Glory, where massive likenesses of ancient war heroes memorialise battles won and lost.

Level Range: 55-57

Interesting Cities/Places:

  • Dalanis
  • Aren
  • Valley of Glory


  • Dungeon of Dalanis
  • Tomb of the Seven Heros

Southern Janost Forest

To the northwest of the Thunderhoof Hills lie the swampy expanses of the Southern Janost Forest. This mysterious and perilous bog is home to the principality of Shador, where the forest-dwelling inhabitants have perfected their skill with bow and arrow over the centuries.

Level Range: 55-57

Interesting Cities/Places:

  • Kandor
  • Warnorken Castle
  • Chupura Valley


  • Warnorken Arena

Tergothen Bay

On a small offshore island lies the Kingdom of Lechif, a large city with a newly reopened weapons market. However, the demon Sismond has recently occupied Sardo Castle and now reigns over the land from this bastion of terror.

Level Range: 68-70

Interesting Cities/Places:

  • Kingdom of Lechief
  • Tadam Plain

Redhill Mountains

Thanks to a temperate climate, these mountains are covered in lush, green vegetation. Amidst this grandeur, two forgotten, nearly unknown races have been warring for years: the Dwarves and the Rhinos. The battlefield between their two kingdoms has seen continuous bloodshed and countless lives lost.

Level Range: 66-67

Interesting Cities/Places:

  • Fortress of the Fireboot Dwarves
  • Kingdom of Kalon
  • Sardo Castle
  • Village of Dorris


  • Sardo Castle

Land of Malevolence

Dark forests, moors, and tall mountains combine to form this grim landscape corrupted by the demon Sismond, who has turned many of the inhabitants into mindless zombies. Now, the survivors must defend themselves against an army of the undead.

Level Range: 63-65

Interesting Cities/Places:

  • Kampel Town
  • Mycenya City
  • Grafu Castle
  • Black Swamp Temple


  • Grafu Castle

Limo Desert

Reminiscent of ancient Egypt, this region is a seemingly endless, dry, grassy landscape. Occasional oases provide an opportunity for life to flourish and civilisation to take root, while imposing adversaries closely guard the bountiful riches buried beneath the desert sands.

Level Range: 60-62

Interesting Cities/Places:

  • Kingdom of Limo
  • Zanka's Nest
  • Dune of the Heavens


  • Kawak's Tomb

Northern Janost Forest

The unexplored northern part of the Janost Forest is teeming with menacing hybrid creatures: half demon, half dragon, lurking in the shadows. The bitter conflict between the hostile Jyr’na and Angren clans also presents a danger to anyone unfortunate enough to get caught in the crossfire. Few have travelled here and lived to tell the tale.

Level Range: 57-60

Interesting Cities/Places:

  • Angren
  • Rh'anka Village
  • Sanctuary of Jyr'na


  • Raksha Temple

Ancient Kingdom of Rorazan

Centuries ago, the demonic King of the Fires was imprisoned here. However, upon his release, the Throne of Embers was shattered and the entire kingdom engulfed in a conflagration which still blazes today. At their front line encampment, the Alliance of the Seven Kingdoms is preparing for their attack on Maderoth.

Level Range: 70-72

Interesting Cities/Places:

  • Flaming Forest
  • Front Line Alliance Camp


  • Aeternal Circle

Elven Island

This island lies to the east of the Weeping Coast and is adorned with the grandeur of Elven architecture. The Elves have established an academy here to support their warriors as they advance forth onto the continent. It also serves to foster communication with other races.

Level Range: 1-10

Interesting Cities/Places:

  • Valley of Preparation
  • Heaven of Departure

Yrvandis Hollows

Here in the subterranean quarries of the Shadowforge Dwarves, adventurers will encounter unfathomable chasms and impressive flowstone, as well as abandoned cities and a labyrinthine network of rope bridges. Following a failed experiment with dark magic, these caverns are now full of petrified Dwarves and mysterious creatures.

Level Range: 1-10

Interesting Cities/Places:

  • Morfantas City


  • Taffrock Outskirts - South

Aotulia Volcano

Under a gray sky clouded with volcanic ash lies this barren region with sparse, although exotic, vegetation. The architectural constructs of the Naga found here differ drastically from their outposts in other lands.

Level Range: 54-55

Interesting Cities/Places:

  • Valley of Burning Rocks
  • Naga Acropolis
  • Tower of Rage


  • Lair of the Demon Dragon
  • Zurhidon Stronghold
  • Hall of the Demon Lord

Dragonfang Ridge

Here, mountains and canyons are entombed in eternal ice, and the striking landscape of white provides a home for Cyclopes and Ice Dwarves alike. Maintaining control over the scarce resources that exist here is a daily struggle for the Human inhabitants of these frozen tracts.

Level Range: 20-35

Interesting Cities/Places:

  • Lyk
  • Kadmos Trading Post
  • Cyclops Stronghold
  • Dragonfang Ice Plain


  • Cyclops Lair
  • Ruins of the Ice Dwarf Kingdom

Sascilia Steppes

In this landscape of intermingling moors and steppes, a multitude of creatures can be found. Khant, the “Shrine of the Capra”, is a former Human settlement that has since been abandoned and is now shrouded in mystery.

Level Range: 1-26

Interesting Cities/Places:

  • Reifort Camp
  • Fogur Marsh
  • Dogamor


  • Pasper's Shrine
  • Arcane Chamber of Sathkur

Ystra Highlands

The frigid climate of this region is the first thing that greets visitors, followed shortly by the Minotaurs and Ice Fairies that roam the land. In defence against these two groups and to maintain security on Khazor’s mountain road, the Order of Dark Glory has stationed a considerable garrison here.

Level Range: 30-45

Interesting Cities/Places:

  • Harf Trading Post
  • Tower of Wailing Wind
  • Snowhorn


  • Mystic Altar
  • Foxtrack Cave

Howling Mountains

In the past, lesser demons conducted their dark rituals here. Wild hordes of them would meet on the barrow, until the Council of Varanas and the Eye of Wisdom intervened, purging the area of evil spirits with exorcism and force of arms.

Level Range: 1-10

Interesting Cities/Places:

  • Pioneers Colony
  • Logar


  • Fungus Garden
  • Windmill Basement
  • Cave of the Water Dragon

Dust Devil Canyon

These badlands accented by low hills and scrub are the perfect environment for insects and reptiles, but pose a daunting challenge to adventurers. The canyon is divided into an upper and lower plain by the river Ikaolis, a body of water whose name means “serpentine path” in an ancient tongue.

Level Range: 40-50

Interesting Cities/Places:

  • Obsidian Stronghold
  • Valley of Scars


  • Kalin Shrine
  • Spirit of Tempest Height (Event Instance)
  • Queen's Chamber (Event Instance)

Aslan Valley

The Aslan Valley, dwarfed by towering crags on both sides, is shrouded in a primordial atmosphere. The Humans didn’t find any resources of significant value when they arrived, so they quickly moved on, leaving behind an almost untouched, pristine landscape.

Level Range: 20-35

Interesting Cities/Places:

  • Silverspring
  • Goblin Village


  • Lake of Eternal Silence
  • The Origin
  • Necropolis of Mirrors


The traces of an ancient, primal magic can be felt throughout this area, traces that brought the Eye of Wisdom here from Kolydia. They founded Varanas as a base for their operations, and over the passage of time, the city has grown into one of Taborea’s largest cultural centres.

Level Range: 10-25

Interesting Cities/Places:

  • Varanas


  • Forsaken Abbey
  • Bloody Gallery
  • Hall of Survivors


This rugged and savannah-like landscape is nearly completely desolate today, but it was once home to the great pirate Snow Blake, who resided in the Nameless Port to the south. Travellers weary from trekking across the wastes will be captivated by the tales of her treachery and swashbuckling on the high seas, and of her hidden treasures.

Level Range:45-50

Interesting Cities/Places:

  • Nameless Port
  • Abandoned Fortress


  • Treasure Trove

Weeping Coast

The original inhabitants of this coastal landscape are the Tiktaalik, a unique race that is as much at home on the beaches as they are in the sea. In the past, they have always taken a neutral stand in conflicts. However, reports of Tiktaalik attacks on watch patrols from Varanas have been increasingly common recently… Travellers should proceed with caution.

Level Range: 50-55

Interesting Cities/Places:

  • Muttering Forest
  • Boulderwind Village


  • Heart of the Ocean

Savage Lands

Hardly any sunlight at all is able to pierce the thick canopy of this rainforest, casting a dark and dreary gloom over the forest floor below. Yet not all here is as dismal as it seems, for hidden among the treetops is an ancient Elven settlement where adventurers can recuperate and stock up their inventories.

Level Range: 52-55

Interesting Cities/Places:

  • Green Tower
  • Ape Mountain


  • Hall of Survivors


In Chrysalia, the home of the dragons, adventurers will discover stone towers and other triumphs of Elven architecture hidden among the jagged peaks and cerulean trees. Recently, war between two colonies of the ant-like Myrmex race, ignited by the machinations of the demon mage Maderoth, has torn the land asunder.

Levels: 72-75

Interesting Cities/Places:

  • Edliss Ruins
  • Omega Platform
  • Sanctuary of Balance
  • Dranfar Production Plant


  • Kulech Bones Nest

Merdhin Tundra

Home of verdant groves, massive glaciers, and immortal beings. The once paradisiacal Merdhin Tundra is quickly degenerating into a land of abysmal sorrow. For about a thousand years, a barrier has protected the tundra from the Kladoren in the Castle of Bedim. But now the barrier weakens, while not far away Maderoth’s factories of evil are running at full capacity. Wars have broken out amongst the inhabitants, and their hatred is spiralling out of control.

Levels: 75-77

Interesting Cities/Places:
•    Kaluga Grove
•    Cadoon
•    Soyar Lake
•    Korum Dome
•    Pahvalosa

•    Castle of Bedim