Rune System

Unleash the Power of Runes

All of Taborea is looking for runes, mainly because they can:

  • teleport players from one area to another
  • help with crafting
  • improve equipment, and thereby attributes

Embedding runes increases your equipment’s attributes. Then when you equip the rune-embedded items, these values carry over to your attributes.

The Embedding Process

Ready to wield the power of runes?

  • Then embed them into your equipment!

With a right-click, grab an embedding rune from your backpack.

Embed the rune with a left-click on a valid equipment item in the character window.

To embed a rune, all you need is:

  • An embedding rune
  • A piece of equipment with a free rune slot

Some runes can only be embedded in accessories or weapons.

Drilling Rune Slots

If a piece of equipment doesn’t have a free rune slot, you can use a driller. This item will drill an additional rune slot, up to a maximum of four.

The process is the same as for embedding runes.

There are different drillers for weapons, armour, and accessories. Make sure you get the right one for your needs.

Rune Extraction

If you change your mind about an embedded rune, you can extract it.

To do so, open the Functions menu at the bottom right of the screen and select Rune Extraction.

Enter the item you would like to extract a rune from here.

Select the rune to be extracted.

Once you have confirmed the extraction, the rune will be returned to your backpack.

You can see how much Gold is required for the extraction under Cost.

Acquiring Embedding Runes

Some embedding runes are dropped as loot by Taborea’s monsters. The higher the level of the enemy, the greater the chance that it’s carrying powerful runes.

Embedding runes come in various types and tiers.


The type determines which of your attributes the rune will strengthen.

  • For example, carrying a weapon embedded with a Vitality rune will increase your Wisdom.


The tier determines how much your attributes are increased.

  • For example, if you embed a tier 1 rune, you receive a bonus of +3.

  • For the same rune of tier 5, you receive a bonus of +13.

There are eleven types of embedding runes that can be found as loot. Pay attention to which attributes they strengthen. Some embedding runes are more helpful to certain classes.

   Rune Type                  Improves       Rune Type                Improves
   Vitality   Wisdom     Defense    Defense
   Harm  Attack    Quickness    Dexterity
   Vigor   Strength    Endurance    Maximum Hit Points  
   Magic   Maximum Mana Points     Resistance      Stamina
  Shell   Magical Defense     Mind    Intelligence
   Strike   Magical Damage

Upgrading and Crafting Runes

With the Arcane Transmutor, you can utilise runes to their full potential. Check out the tutorial to find out how to activate and operate this valuable tool.

You can use the Arcane Transmutor to:

  • increase the tier of your embedding runes
  • craft new embedding runes

Upgrading Embedding Runes

Bring your runes to the next tier! Combine five runes of the same type and tier in the Arcane Transmutor – then you’ll receive a higher-tier rune.

You can do this as often as you like, so you could combine ten or fifteen runes to get two or three of a higher tier.

Crafting Embedding Runes

Get more attribute bonuses! Combine embedding runes of different types but the same tier – then you’ll receive a powerful new rune.

All combinations are possible – give it a try and see what comes out!
Here’s a small selection of the runes you can craft:


       Basic Rune         Basic Rune        Rank I
    Rank I 
       Rank II
    Rank II
   Rank III
  Vitality  Vigor  Excite   Triumph   Anger   Mayhem  Potential 
  Endurance  Mind   Excite  Guts   Mayhem
  Magic  Resistance  Guts

Production Runes

Production runes help with the crafting of items using the profession system.

Once your crafting skill has reached level 12, you are a pro. That means you can produce better items with the help of production runes.

There are six production runes, one for each profession.

Link Rune CarpentryPurify Rune Armorcrafting
Activate Rune CookingDisenchant Rune Tailoring
Frost RuneBlacksmithingBlend Rune Alchemy

Finding Production Runes

You can find production runes as loot, just like embedding runes. The various types of production runes have different drop rates.

These runes can save you a lot of time. Depending on the type, they bring you and/or others from one place to another at lightning speed.
The best part is that they are sometimes contained in the gift bags that you get to open upon reaching certain levels.

Transport, Transport Portal, and Passageway Runes

Transport, Transport Portal, and Passageway Runes are used in combination with your Transport Book. They will teleport you to any place that you have marked as a transport point – but not into your house.
Open the Transport Book if:

  • you are somewhere that you’d like to mark as a transport point
  • you would like to teleport yourself
  • you would like to teleport yourself and others

1: Mark a transport point.

Select where you want to go and:

  • 2: teleport yourself
  • 3: open a two-way passageway for yourself and others
  • 4: open a transport portal for yourself and others

Consumable items required for travel:

  • Marking Ink – sets a transport point
  • Transport Rune – teleports you
  • Passageway Rune – opens a two-way passageway for yourself and others
  • Transport Portal Rune – opens a transport portal for yourself and others


If you’re in the farthest reaches of Taborea and want to quickly go home? Then just right-click on a Home-Sweet-Home rune!
This allows you to instantly:

  • access your stored items
  • change your class
  • take advantage of the XP, TP, or crafting bonuses of your furniture
  • manage your planting
  • and do anything else you want in the comfort of your own home

Guild Castle Transport Stone

The Guild Castle Transport Stone brings you to your Guild Castle.