The Planting System

Three Steps to Gardening

Advantages of Gardening

Planting is used to generate materials that are required to carry out various crafting professions. You can plant herbs, ore, and wood and then wait until they’re grown before harvesting them. Gathering resources through planting has various advantages over normal gathering methods:

  • Plants mature virtually overnight, giving you the resources you need quickly 
  • No time-consuming locating and gathering of resources scattered around the landscape 
  • Plants make attractive and practical decorations for your home

Step 1 –Preparation

To grow a plant you require various raw materials, all of which can be obtained from the Plant Seed Merchants in Logar and Varanas:

  • Plant pot 
  • Seeds 
  • Fertilizer 
  • Plant growing agent (optional, available from the Item shop)



Step 2 – Planting and Care

Plants can only be grown in your house. Place a plant pot in your home and click on it; this will open the planting system menu. Into the pot you place the seeds, water them, apply fertilizer, and add agents for plant growth and protection. Ensure that your plant is well tended to by checking water and fertilizer levels daily.

Step 3 – Harvesting

Fully-grown plants can then be harvested through the planting system menu and used pots can be cleaned to allow the planting of new seeds. If you’d prefer just to use the plant as a decoration you can secure it, halting plant growth and taking the pot out of action. To do this, simply use the interface in the middle. Find out just how green your fingers are and have fun experimenting!