There’s No Place Like Home

Are you sweaty and covered in dirt, and has your armour taken quite a beating? Why not take some time out, restore your strength, gather bonuses and let others do all the work?

In Runes of Magic, every player receives their own house free of charge right from Level 1. The advantages of home ownership might surprise you:

  • TP and XP Bonuses
  • Crafting Bonuses
  • Inventory Space
  • Housekeeper Spells and Buffs
  • Your Very Own Garden

Welcome Home!

Taborea’s House Maids are the key to your house!
If you’re a Human, you’ll meet your first House Maid, Meydo, in Logar – or say “hi” to Lamila Dya in the Valley of Preparation if you’re an Elf.  

Household Management

In the Housing Menu, you can manage just about everything in your house. You’ll learn how to use it in the other tabs.

Receive Bonuses and Inventory Space

Decorate your house with furniture to expand upon your skills or accelerate the levelling-up process. Most furniture not only looks good, no – it’s also very practical.

Some furniture grants you level-appropriate talent or experience bonuses for every hour you spend at home. Return to your house before logging out of the game to gain bonuses even while you’re offline.

You’ll find everything you could possibly want: rugs, wall decorations and even imposing fireplaces.

The Phirius Token Shop and Lehman in the Class Hall of Varanas offer useful furniture for your home.

Furniture with TP and XP Bonuses

Sweetheart’s Pink Bed

This bed increases your furniture XP bonus by 25 points. Your XP bonus is applied hourly when you are at home.

XP (Experience Points) determine when you level up.

Elegant Engraved Square Table

This table increases your furniture TP bonus by 25 points. Your TP bonus is applied hourly when you are at home.

TP (Talent Points) can be used to improve your skills.

Furniture with Crafting Bonuses

Having your own facilities makes crafting at home a breeze, and they increase your crafting experience with each use.

There’s something for every craft: anvils for blacksmiths, laboratories for alchemists, pots and pans for chefs and more. 

Furniture with Inventory Space

These furniture pieces give you additional storage space.

Placing Furniture

You can place furniture wherever you like using the Housing Menu.

House Energy

You want to increase your level and abilities faster than your house will allow?

No problem...

Just raise your house’s energy! That way, you can set up more furniture and receive even more XP, TP and crafting bonuses.

(1) Click on Energy and select the amount of energy you would like to add to your house from the drop-down menu.

You need energy to increase the size of your house.

(2) Then click Expansion and select the size you would like your house to be.

House Type

Ready for a change of scenery? Then trade in your house for another type.

More floors, different rooms – the possibilities are endless! Just get a new House Contract under Accessories in the Housing section of the Item Shop.

Invite Friends into Your Home!

(1) Click on Residence Friend in the Housing Menu.

(2) Click on “Add new house friend” and enter the name of the person you would like to invite in the pop-up window.

If you have set a password on your house, your visitors will have to use the password to enter.

(3) Under “Set welcome for friends”, you can choose how your friends are greeted when they enter and leave your house.

You can also enter what they will read when they use your storage furniture.

You want to share inventory space?

Then open a piece of storage furniture and select which rights you would like your friends to have:

  • (4) View items
  • (5) Enter items
  • (6) Remove items

The Housekeeper System

Your own Housekeepers help you with:

  • Potions
  • Buff food
  • Buff spells
  • Storage


Housekeeper Menu

(1) Open the menu via the Housekeeper List in order to:

  • hire up to six Housekeepers:
    • (2) Click Hire and a catalogue of available Housekeepers will appear.
  • manage your Housekeepers. A selected Housekeeper can be:
    • (3) Summoned to service,
    • (4) Recalled off duty, or
    • (5) permanently Dismissed.

Which Housekeeper Suits You?

When hiring a Housekeeper, pay attention to their character. Find out what they do best:

  • protective buff spells,
  • magical buff spells,
  • physical buff spells,
  • buff food preparation, or
  • inventing potions.

Housekeepers can do just about anything, but they can only improve to 100% in the abilities that their character is more inclined to.

  • Battle-skilled Housekeepers help Scouts, Rogues, Warriors and Wardens.
  • Magically inclined ones help Priests, Druids and Mages.
  • Inventors and cooks bring benefits to all classes.

Housekeepers Never Stop Learning

Chat with your Housekeeper to boost their skills. With each click on a skill, you increase it by 1. This allows the Housekeeper to improve their services for you.

Magic Curriculum: Raises the level of magical buff spells.

Battle Curriculum: Raises the level of physical buff spells.

Protection Curriculum: Raises the level of protective buff spells.

Cooking: Raises the cooking skill level. This determines which buff food is cooked and how much.

Crafting: Raises the inventiveness level. This determines which potions and how many are produced.

Your Housekeeper’s Attributes


In the Housekeeper dialogue window, you can click on “Check Housekeeper’s Attributes” to see what they’re capable of and how they’re feeling.

How Is the Housekeeper Doing?


Affinity: the Housekeeper’s motivation. If, for example, their affinity is 30, their skills can only be trained up to this level.
Charisma: determines the effect time of Housekeeper buff spells and the number of potions and amount of buff food that can be produced.
Fatigue: At 100, the Housekeeper won’t work! Chatting raises Fatigue by 15; curriculum, cooking and crafting raise it by 25.

Chatting increases Affinity and Charisma.

The Housekeeper’s Fatigue decreases every hour.

What Can the Housekeeper Do ?


 magical buff spell level
physical buff spell level
protective buff spell level
cooking skill level, which determines type and amount of buff foods

crafting level, which determines type and amount of potions

Playing Dress-up

In the Housekeeper’s Equipment tab under “Check Housekeeper’s Attributes”, you can store up to 19 pieces of equipment.

If you want to learn more about Housekeepers, just read the Housekeeper FAQ. Have fun!

Housekeeper FAQ


Are Housekeepers permanent?

  • Yes.

Do they take up space in my house?

  • No. There is a separate list for up to 6 Housekeepers.

Can other types of houses have more than 6 Housekeepers?

  • No. The maximum number of Housekeepers for any house is 6.

Do all Housekeepers cost the same?

  • No. Each additional Housekeeper costs twice as much as the previous one.


Do Housekeepers' personal details affect gameplay?

  • No. Race, star sign, personality and other personal details do not affect the game.

How long do the effects of buff food last?

  • Depending on the type, they may last anywhere from 60 seconds up to 5 minutes.

How long do a Housekeeper's products keep?

  • They expire after 24 hours.

Why are some Housekeepers listed as "Already hired"?

  • These Housekeepers are currently unavailable because they have already been hired by someone. This is reset every hour.

How long does it take for Fatigue to reach 0?

  • Fatigue decreases by 5 every hour.