What Runes of Magic has to offer

Main Features

  • Download and play for free
  • Regular free content updates
  • Over 4,000 exciting quests and epic quest series
  • Three different races
  • Ten mighty classes
  • Multiple class system
  • Elite and Set-Skills
  • Individual player houses
  • Extensive pet and mount systems
  • Exciting PvP battles

Character Development

  • Three races
  • Ten classes
  • Multiple class system
  • Customisable class skills, as well as elite and set skills
  • Frequently increasing level cap
  • Armour sets with integrated bonuses
  • Grow your own plants to gather resources by gardening
  • Extensive crafting and gathering system
  • Customisable player housing
  • Housekeepers
  • Diverse relationship system including marriage

Easy to Get Started – Engaging Starting Regions

  • Special starting region for each race
  • Beginner’s tutorial
  • Beginner’s pets until level 30
  • Helpful tutorial in the first quest series
  • Tutor system
  • Control your character with the mouse and/or keyboard (WASD or arrow keys)
  • Customisable user interface allowing user-created add-ons
  • In-game map and radar system locate merchants, resources and quests
  • Integrated voice chat (Vivox)

Huge Community

  • Ever-changing in-game events
  • Highly customisable and expandable guild castles
  • Siege wars against opposing guilds
  • Guild quests and mini games
  • Players earn ‘Old Mementoes’ in instances, which can be traded in for handy items

Unparalleled Gameworld

  • Over 20 challenging and dynamically generated instances
  • Impressive group and raid instances with varying difficulty levels
  • Arcane Transmutor
  • Monster compendium
  • Speedy travelling using portals
  • Public encounters
  • Extensive pet and mount systems
  • Auction house

Thrilling PvP Battles

  • PvP battles against fellow players on special servers
  • Siege wars with mighty siege weaponry
  • Cross-server battlefields with varying numbers of participants
  • Diverse activities such as ‘Capture the Flag’