Arcane Transmutor

Video Guide

So, you’ve got a powerful character with three classes who’s getting a bit too big for his or her boots? Worry not – with the Arcane Transmutor, you’ll soon be able to equip armour and weapons mighty enough to meet your growing needs!

The Arcane Transmutor is activated by completing a quest which becomes available to your character once they’ve reached level 10. This device can do many things, including using Fusion Stones to create Mana Stones, a process which combines the Fusion Stone stats with those of a piece of equipment of your choice.
If you repeat this three times and receive three Mana Stones of the same tier, then you can embed them into another piece of equipment by using the Transmutor. This will then transfer the Mana Stones’ attributes to the equipment.

Another benefit of the device comes into play when you have received a piece of equipment which is too high-level for your character. The Arcane Transmutor allows you to transfer the attributes of the equipment too advanced for your character, to a lower-level item such as a helmet or shield that your character can already equip.
Would you rather see a video demonstration of the Transmutor? Then just take a look at the Video Guide, which will explain all :